March 10-12, 2023
In-person at the Hilton Philadelphia at Penn’s Landing, Philadelphia, PA

  • Early career investigators present their research in a supportive, structured yet relaxed learning environment
  • Regional clinicians are exposed to cutting-edge clinical and basic science from emerging talent
  • Physician-scientists join educational programs on important topics in pediatric research
  • Trainees and experienced physician-scientists network in a informal and friendly setting


Each year ESPR honors authors of the top abstracts submitted to the ESPR Scientific Meeting as well as a leading mentor.

How many awards are there?

  • Three.

Who is eligible?

  • ESPR Trainee Young Investigator Award Finalists.

What does the award cover?

  • Each award covers the cost of one PAS registration at the trainee registration rate.

How many awards are there?

  • Three

Who is eligible?

  • ESPR Junior Faculty Young Investigator Award Finalists

What does the award cover?

  • Each award covers the cost of one PAS registration at the faculty registration rate.
  • Recognition will be given to the most outstanding abstracts in these categories.
  • No application is required.
  • One Mead Johnson Reckitt Quality Improvement Award
  • Meritorious Poster Awardees sponsored by Abbott Nutrition and Mead Johnson Reckitt will be selected from each poster session.
  • Meritorious Poster Awardees are announced February 31, 2022
  • Three Clinical Case Competition Finalists will be selected to present cases  Friday March 11, 2022
  • The Clinical Case Competition winner is announced Friday March 11, 2022

The ESPR Mentor of the Year Award is presented to an outstanding teacher who has had a major impact on developing research skills in trainees and launching productive research careers. The Award is announced at the Scientific Meeting.

* Not connected to abstract submission

Year Recipient
2022 Paul Offit
2020 – 2021 Rose Viscardi
2019 Hallam Hurt
2018 George Porter
2017 Judy Aschner
2016 Satyan Lakshminrusimha
2015 Edmund La Gamma
2014 James Padbury
2013 Phyllis Dennery
2012 Heber Nielsen
2011 Gary Fleisher
2010 Margaret Hostetter
2009 Ivan D. Frantz, III
2008 Jane Newburger
2007 Elizabeth McAnarney
2006 Mark Batshaw
2005 Ian Gross
2004 Stephen Ludwig
2003 Robert “Skip” Nelson
2002 Ira Greifer
2001 William Oh

These are the two awards in:

  • 2022 ESPR Abbott Nutrition Trainee Diversity in the Workforce Travel Award
  • 2022 ESPR Mead Johnson Reckitt Junior Faculty Diversity in the Workforce Travel Award

Travel Award

Finalists will be chosen based on abstract scores. They will then be asked to submit a bio & essay for consideration by the award committee before the recipients are selected.


  • The success of the Eastern Society for Pediatric Research (ESPR) Scientific Meeting is driven by presentation of the highest quality original science. Your support and participation, through the submission of your best abstracts and your attendance, is key to our continued success and growth.We encourage you to:
    • Submit abstracts of the highest quality detailing cutting edge, hypothesis-driven, novel investigations from your own laboratory or clinical research program. Encourage others in your discipline to submit as well.
    • Encourage junior faculty and trainees to submit their abstracts. Early career stage investigators are especially encouraged to consider submitting their work.

    This Meeting is an important opportunity for child health professionals to show their support for academic medicine. The Meeting demonstrates the vigor and enthusiasm of academic medicine by showcasing the best in pediatrics and child health research of this century. We look forward to your abstract submissions.

    Key Abstract Submission Dates

    • Call for Submissions Opens: TBD
    • Submission Deadline: TBD


ESPR solicits interesting clinical cases from residents and fellows for our popular Clinical Case Competition Session.  The top-ranked submissions will be invited for presentation.

Suggested Content

The Clinical Case:

  • May be an atypical presentation of a common disease or an unusual disease.
  • The final diagnosis must be deducible using the information presented.
  • Should include a comprehensive history, physical examination, laboratory tests, and/or diagnostic imaging, the final diagnosis as well as a brief discussion of the differential and/or final diagnosis.
  • Should be presented in an organized, logical manner such that a very good pediatrician could determine a final diagnosis.


    • Must be submitted by the abstract submission deadline.
    • Include the following headings:
      • History (including the chief complaint, history of present illness, and relevant past medical and family history). Please include only information relevant to the evaluation or final diagnosis.
      • Physical Examination: Vital signs, pertinent physical examination findings.
      • Laboratory testing and/or diagnostic imaging
      • Final Diagnosis
      • Discussion
      • Optional: Up to two digital images or radiographs without interpretation.
    • Fee: $55 per submission.
    • Questions: Direct to


There are a number of options for industry and academic centers to expand their company, institution, and/or product exposure. Opportunities are available on a first come, first-served basis. We invite you to take advantage of these promotional opportunities to heighten your visibility and leave your mark at ESPR!

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Future Meeting Dates

March 10-12, 2023 – In Person at Hilton Philadelphia at Penn’s Landing , Philadelphia, PA